State of the Nation 2023: data about social mobility in the UK

State of the Nation is an annual report into social mobility in the UK. It uses original data and analysis from ​​the Social Mobility Commission (SMC).

State of the Nation uses the SMC’s own measurement framework, the Social Mobility Index.

Highlighted data

Mobility outcomes

There continues to be more upward than downward mobility for men, this surplus has been shrinking in recent decades and chances of long-range upward mobility have been declining.

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Intermediate outcomes

Socio-economic background is strongly related to the level of young people’s earnings.

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Drivers of social mobility

In 2021, youth unemployment in the UK fell back to pre-pandemic levels.

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Find data by region

See how 41 areas of the UK are ranked for 5 different measures of social mobility.

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More information

Read the full State of the Nation 2023 report on GOV.UK.

Find out more about the SMC on the Social Mobility Commission website.